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February, 2014

This email is from a customer (a nurse) whose family and animals acheieved all types healing success.

Hi Jason,

I talked with you on the phone today about the joint supplement and dmso. I would like to let you know of some wonderful DMSO success that we have seen with our own eyes.

We discovered dmso when my husband began using it on the udders of our milking cows for mastitis.  He would use it in conjunction with peppermint cream and he found that in a years time the need for chemical treating of the cows was down to about 30% so that meant he had 70% more milk in the tank from mastitis cows that didn't need chemical treatment.

That got me researching dmso. I began using it on other animals.
We used it on a pony that foundered and the relief of the founder was in 24 hours verses 5-7 days as is normal.
We used it on a horse that had a sore knee after being ridden hard and we applied it every time we came back from riding and he did not limp in the evenings like he had in the past.

That same horse had an injury on the under side of his hoof through the tough hoof until it bled. We were told it would take a month to heal. We put a dmso soaked cotton ball on the site and wrapped the hoof. We reapplied it daily and in just 5 days the hoof was healed.

I also used the dmso/peppermint cream combo on my milking goat's udders with the same success as my husband had with the cows.

I was very excited when I went onto a yahoo group for goats, nubiantalk, to find that a gal was praising dmso for saving her goat from death that was bleeding after having her kids. She poured the dmso on the goats back and rubbed her abdomen and the bleeding subsided. This gal said every vehicle she owns had a bottle in it incase of an accident and she has many uses for it in humans and animals.

My husband has a small black spot that pops up a couple of times a year under the skin on his ear. Each time it comes on, he applies dmso for a few days and it goes away for months at a time. My father has had skin cancer on his ear that looked similar and we plan on continuing to treat my husband's spot with dmso instead of surgery.

My elbow was broken as a child. At 50 years old and having a very active farm life, it has begun to ache me at times. I not only started taking the joint supplement, Healthful Flex, from Jason but also apply dmso at bedtime and I rest easy and the next day my elbow is ready to go again. I also have an enlarged big toe like a bunion starting. The foot doctor said it will need surgery when I can no longer take the pain. Well, I just apply dmso and I am off and running pain free.

Here is a huge success testimony of dmso. In October, our daughter fell off of her horse and was knocked out. When we found her she was confused and disorientated.
My husband said to go get the dmso. We poured it on her head and put it on her back that she said was hurting. I took her to the hospital and there was no trace of any concussion, brain swelling or even a headache. Her back pain ended up being a broken T9 vertebrae in her back which kept us in the hospital for several days and her in a body brace for 14 weeks. I had brought the dmso to the hospital and continued to apply it to her back when we turned her. At her one month check up, the doctor was very impressed with her healing.  He said she'd be out of her brace in the shortest amount of time that he allows for such vertebrae fractures.

When she had the brace on, she developed a small spot of a yeast outbreak from the moisture under the plastic brace. I didn't have any antifungal to put on it so I thought I'd try the dmso. In one application the spot was no longer oozing or raised, just a red spot. I applied dmso one more time just to be sure and it was completely cleared up.
Just a couple of days ago, my mother in law asked if I had anything for skin yeast.
She has been suffering for over a month with a terrible, large area that was hot, itching, oozing and very painful. She had tried several over the counter creams and went to the doctor and got a prescription. Nothing worked. She applied the dmso on Saturday at bedtime. On Sunday morning there was no oozing or burning. She couldn't believe it!  She applied it twice on Sunday and this morning and she is so pleased to be out of pain and healing rapidly.

I have suffered from mouth canker sores for years. The kind that are white ulcers on the lip/gum line or under my tongue, that are very painful for up to 2 weeks at a time. I recently was having an unusual out break with several at a time and was miserable. I thought of how the dmso worked on my daughter's skin lesions so I used it on the mouth sores. Oh my, one was gone in one treatment and all the rest were not even painful the next day and all were completely gone in 2 days.
I used it on my son's mouth sore a week later with it gone in one day.

I am voluntarily giving my testimony of the wonderful success we have had with dmso and we will never be without a bottle in the medicine cabinet.

As a side note, I am a Registered Nurse so I know what is out there for many of these conditions. We choose to use dmso first and we haven't been disappointed yet.

Her name is Kathyh and her email is kathy@lotterauction.com <kathy@lotterauction.com>;

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